Kia ora, Welcome to Akona Rangitāne II

the new Rangitāne o Wairarapa Education website

Like the old website Akona Rangitāne II contains plenty of educational material that we hope will help visitors learn about Rangitāne o Wairarapa and Māori of the Wairarapa Region.

There is still information on a wide range of subjects including mythology, local Māori history, world views, tikanga, basic te reo, the natural world, basic needs ie food and social structure.

Documents, websites and other useful material produced by other sources have been utilized to provide a greater coverage and often to save duplication of an existing resource that aligns with understanding things Māori.

New features include
•    Iti Kahurangi our first education curriculum
•    A facebook feed so you can receive new information regularly and be able to interact quickly. Just send a friend request to connect.
•    A section where you can find learning resources on all sorts of subjects. With teachers in mind many of the resources have teacher notes and curriculum links.
•    New material to download including our children’s and Rangitane o Wairarapa history books.
•    Akona Rangitāne II is more visual to help find material easier. There are more photographs, paintings and murals. We are grateful to have been granted permission by artist Bronwyn Waipuka to use her beautiful paintings. See

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Use the interactive map to locate and learn about significant places such as marae, papakāinga and urupa. Learn about the meanings of Māori place names throughout the Wairarapa.


A collection of traditional local stories about people, places and special creatures.


Learn about some of the history of Rangitāne o Wairarapa and the Wairarapa Region through photographs, books, exhibitions and articles. Also find a collection of historical maps.

map-Tur02PlanP144a[1] Maungaraki Block map-Matewera Papakainga map-Tur02PlanP125a[1] Matapihi Rangitumau Block map-company-map-Edit map-Blocks&ReservesMasterton maps-Full-sketch-map-of-Wairarapa map-Trails (from DoC) map-Tur02PlanP130a[1] Taueru Block map-TeWharau (from KFearon Te Wharau 1980) map-Tur02PlanP132a[1] Kopuaranga Block map-Tur02PlanP122a[1] Ihuraua Block map-Tur02PlanP131a[1] Te Kohutu Block map-tukuwahine2 001 map-Moroa-Alfredton (from J Edmonds) map-Tur02PlanP133a[1] Whangaehu Block map-Tur02PlanP136a[1] Taueru Kumurau Block map-Tur02PlanP126a[1] Te Whanga Block map-Tur02PlanP138a[1] Seventy Mile Bush Blocks map-Tur02PlanP139a[1]Ngatapu No2 Block map-Makirikiri (Wai Archives) map-Tur02PlanP124a[1] Otahuao Block map-Tur02PlanP140a[1] Mangatainoka Block map-Colensomap map-Tur02PlanP143a[1] Arikirau Block

Atuatanga and Iti kahurangi – The Rangitāne o Wairarapa Curriculum

Nature is the best teacher.
Rā the sun, Marama the moon, Papatūānuku the earth, Ranginui the sky, tangaroa the sea, rivers, lakes, Tanemahuta the forests are atua who we rely upon to live.
When we learn how different parts of nature work by themselves or together we are learning Atuatanga.

Iti Kahurangi is designed to assist everyone to learn different aspects of Rangitāne o Wairarapa culture and history. It has a section that helps you plan what, when and how to deliver the curriculum. Also find related resources here.

Photos / Video / Audio

Look through a collection of photos, videos and music, significant to Rangitāne o Wairarapa.

library-HikurangiCollegeSign2 library-teaohuruhuru      tupuna-Tunuiarangi  tupuna-Tamati-Iraia  tupuna-Huia Rimene (1)  tupuna-Brancepeth(2) library-RetimanaTeKorouvisitHuangarua      tupuna-Retimana Te Korou  tupuna-Te Rimene Witinitara Te Kaewa    library-Mokonui1 library-Wharepouri03      tupuna-Turuki Karaitiana  tupuna-Hami Potangaroa tupuna-TOO rugby team 001    library-EparaimaStation04 library-TeOreOre 1880s      library-Mangaakuta c1870s library-taumataraia      library-Rangiwhakaoma2 Wi Whatakorari Whare Te Wharau      tupuna-Teorahi Ripeka Reihana Tawaroa  library-TePohoOTeRangihirawea (at Mataikona)      library-Matirie Pa(Lighthouse) library-Te Ahipanepane      library-Whakataki Marae koruru Whareaute      tupuna-Niniwa i te Rangi library-TutaekaraPa      tupuna-Witinitara Te Kaewa  library-Hiona interior library-GirlsgraveLongbush003 library-Pukehuiake Pa Waikekeno001 library-tukuwahine2 001      library-GirlGraveLongbush1 tupuna-Huru Te Hiaro tupuna-Te Aitu o te rangi Jury  tupuna-Manihera Maaka library-Marara Kuiti library-WhakatakiMarae      library-KopuarangaPa Entrance tupuna-TaiawhioTetau  tupuna-Uenuku Kopako Tukotahi Taepa(2)  tupuna-Tamahau Mahupuku library-Longbushwaahi1 library-Hiona pa library-Matua Pa tupuna-NireahaTamaki library-Taueru pa      library-Kohekutu003 library-MatapihiPa library-Matiriepa(Castlepointlighthouse) library-Hidden lakes 1 library-Ruataniwha001      tupuna-Hoani Te Whatahoro Jury library-Nukutaimemeha1 tupuna-Eparaima04 tupuna-Henare&Takare Haeata Kuku Tewhiwhiana library-Hurunuiorangi(present) tupuna-Tikawenga Te Tau  tupuna-Hoani Rangi taka i waho tupuna-TOOschool1936    library-WhatakorariHeadstone002      tupuna-KawanaWitinitaraTeKaewa tupuna-NgairoRakaihikuroa4 tupuna-Maika Parakau library-Kaitekateka library-TeAnaORongomai      tupuna-Kuku Karaitiana library-Kohekutu001 library-Kaitekateka5 library-Tirohangataniwha3      tupuna-Ngahui Rangitakaiwaho library-Tekapohoorangihirewa2      library-PapawaiMarae library-SolwayShowGrounds      tupuna-Tama Whakakitea  library-MaukuRangi Centre of photo (from Greater Wellington) tupuna-HineiteairarangiWhakamairu (nee Te Korou) tupuna-Wii Waaka  tupuna-Puhara Te Tau  tupuna-Ngatuere Tawhirimatea Tawhao library-Mohiooteatua from Te Poho O Hinepare Whare, Taueru


A collection of resources. You can download publications published by Rangitāne o Wairarapa or external resources gathered from the internet. Also included is a list of suggested books and websites.