History book 03 Ngāti Hāmua

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Source: Produced by Rangitāne o Wairarapa with the help of Te Puni Kokiri.

Written by: This book is one in a series of four written about the histories and whakapapa of Rangitāne people who have lived in the Wairarapa. The series includes [1] Origins, [2] Tupuna, [3] Ngāti Hāmua and [4] Te Tapere Nui o Whatonga.

Rangitāne people have lived continuously in the Wairarapa region for 28 generations or some 7-800 years.

Ngāti Hāmua is the paramount hapū of the Rangitāne o Wairarapa iwi.

Inside this booklet you will discover who Hāmua, the eponymous ancestor of the hapū was and where his descendents have established themselves through to
modern times. Quotes from 19th century Ngāti Hāmua rangātira, identifying the tupuna from who they and their 2012 descendents derive their land rights are used throughout.