Introduction to atuatanga

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The best teacher is nature

Our atua (environments and energy sources) are all around us. Rā the sun, marama the moon, Papatūānuku the earth mother, Ranginui the sky father, Tangaroa the waterways and many more.

Atua have been around for a long time, far longer than any of us. They are our kaitiaki or guardians. We could even say they are like loving grandparents who care for us.

When the atua work together we get fresh water to drink and swim in, food to eat, hot summer days, trees that help us breath, plants to make clothes, trees for building and so many other useful things that we could spend all day talking about them.
The better we get to know the atua the more we learn about how they look after us and the more we think about how what we humans do can affect the atua in good or bad ways.

So whether you are big or small we encourage you to get outside to get to know the atua around your home. You don’t need anyone to tell you what to do or how to do it but just in case you would like some ideas that is what this resource is about.

Just go out and use your senses and after a while you will remember what you are experiencing.

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