Atuatanga manual overview

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“Look deep into nature and then you will understand everything better”
Albert Einstein

It is said that the further we move away from Papatūānuku the worse off we become. The lives of many people who have been disconnected from the land proves this to be correct.

This resource is designed to provide us with opportunities to become more grounded, to get closer to Papatuanuku.
As babies we start off with an amazing awareness of what is around us but over time our lifestyles, society and those that influence our thinking take our bodies, spirit and minds away from nature.

Atuatanga gives us a way of recapturing what is hardwired in each one of us as a species but has been tucked away sleeping.
Becoming grounded does not mean that we have to abandon anything else it just creates balance and a realisation that we humans are not the centre of the world and in reality we need the earth but she does not need us.

Māori culture emerged from interactions with the atua so this resource could be used as a foundation from which to branch off into learning te reo, history or many other subjects that are important to the culture.