Pukaha resource

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We hope that children come to the conclusion that using anything at Pukaha as a resource would not be wise, given how special/rare many lifeforms are at Pukaha, that the 942 hectare reserve is the last substantial remnant of Te Tapere Nui o Whatonga and because so many species have become extinct. If they also decide that supporting the current work at Pukaha is the best idea then that would be great.

Learning Intentions

If children go away having had an enjoyable day sharing experiences that is good.
If children go away having remembered a few facts about a couple of trees, plants, Pukaha etc that is also good.
If children go away communicating facts about lifeforms, environmental concepts and have a clear line of thinking about what we can do to help an area and why that is great.
If children go away, do all of the above and are inspired to initiate a project or action that is excellent.

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