In: Atuatanga manual

Without freshwater we are dead!!!

That’s the truth and the reason why water pops up everywhere in atuatanga. Water is that important.

The world as we know it was created when Taane, one of 70 sons of Ranginui (sky father) and Papatūānuku (earth mother), forced his parents apart. At this early point Ranginui cried continuously for his beloved whom he had previously held in a close embrace.

From the tears cloud and mist formed in between the separated lovers. Sometimes the tears took the form of hail and sometimes snow.
As water hit the body of Papatūānuku it rose back towards the sky as mist.

Today we would call this the water-cycle, again something that is very important for our survival and a really good reason to look after our atua/environment/s.

when the wells dry,
we know the worth of water.Benjamin Franklin